Responsible gambling


We believe in responsible gambling.

This means that you need to stay in control of everything you do while gambling with Bitcoin.

Actually, if you have a problem stopping playing after you lose the designated gambling amount, this website is not for you. Gambling with Bitcoin is an amazing way to make money unheard of before, since games are provably fair, but all you have to do is stay cool-minded, STOP and withdraw the moment you win!

If you can not stay cool-minded DO NOT use the gambling section of this site! Seriously. If you are gambling with the money that rather be spent on your bills or family, chances are you are a self-indulging scumbag disguised as an addict. If you are like that we don’t want you visiting here, fuck off.

Gambling is good for two things: a) sheer fun and adrenaline b) occasionally having a quick coin grab.

Both things are possible if and only if you gamble responsibly. That is, you MUST follow these rules:

1) Gamble only with the amount you are 100% comfortable losing. This is the proper mindset: bet only the coin you know you will lose. This is not an investment. Rather, this is a payment for the fun.
2) Know your limits. If you start doing stupid impulsive stuff after an hour of gambling, one hour is your limit. Does not make you less of a man!
3) Don’t be obsessed. Casinos will always win in the long term. This is math. It’s how they are designed. Don’t be stupid & live with the truth: you can only win in the short term.


Not everyone can handle sticking to these rules. There are plenty of ways to earn Bitcoin without risking anything – if you can’t pace yourself and withdraw your winnings on time – do not gamble!

If you feel like you’re in trouble and need help, if you can’t stop – there’s nothing wrong about it. These sites will help you get rid of your gambling problem:

Gamblers Anonymous

Visit them and see the horrid stories of broken homes, all because people are denying math. Math is unbeatable: the casino wins in the long term. And anything that happens after you have won something is long term.