Bitcoin gambling rules to bet safely

Since this website is not a gambler’s diary resource nor is it aimed at addicts, we preach safe boring betting strategies. We are here to make some coin, not to wreck our lives. So apart from the responsible betting disclaimer we’re creating this special page dedicated to gambling rules that will help you avoid mistakes. Source of the rules – experience and dozens of bitcoins won where others lose hundreds.

So here’s the safe gambling rules. They are all obligatory, skipping one will devalue everything you do.

1. Keep track.

Every deposit and every withdrawal recorded in a Google spreadsheet will keep you sober-minded. If you see that after experimenting for 3 days you’re consistently losing more than you’re winning – it’s time to stop gambling.

2. Set aside an amount you don’t mind losing.

There is no guarantee you will win. This is not an investment, it’s a risk more than anything else. It’s an anti-investment. Never bet on the money you need for bills, family or anything else. If you’re starting with a 0.5 BTC you must acknowledge this is waste coin. Only then you have a chance of turning it into 0.8

3. Withdraw your winnings.

Once you win enough to withdraw without losing too much on fees – do it. Play on with the initial deposit that is “waste” money – see previous rule. This way you keep your soldiers in the field and your hostages safely in your wallet – feels good.

Because if you keep playing without withdrawing – you will lose everything. One extra click, one impulse at the wrong time and you lost all the winnings.

You can get from 0.05 to 0.08 BTC in one session but you can’t get from 0.05 to 0.15. Just trust me.

4. Immediately decrease your bet after you lost a large amount.

After you lose a bet you get that urge to re-coup. And something is telling you that NOW it has to turn for the better because it’s been unfavorable “long enough”. Bullshit. “It” does not owe you anything. And losing two large bets in a row is when your game comes to an end leaving you in a shitty mood.

Instead, reduce the bet drastically and calm down. Remember rule #2 – you already said goodbye to the money. Bet slowly now and hunt for another good probability window.

4. Short term. You’re in it for the short term.

No one makes a living gambling. Poker – yes, gambling – no. But gambling is still a great way to get an occasional bonus that you can reinvest into something else.

EVERY casino or game or slot is created to WIN in the long term.

The only way a human stands a chance against a casino is in a short-term game.

The 10% of times they win they will be taking 110% of what you earned in the other 90% of times. You only win when you withdraw at a good time.

I feel a bit stupid re-iterating that but many people deny math. There is no luck. You can sneak in an occasional good bet and that’s the best time to stop.

5. Fast games keep you cool-minded.

Can’t emphasize this enough: you’re a short term player if you want to benefit from this site. Get into the game, play a bit, win some, withdraw – and resume your day.

Even though we have the responsible gambling disclaimer, one more time:

– if you can’t withdraw earnings after you’ve won

– if you can’t stop after you’ve lost the designated gambling amount